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All Star Wrestling Join Form

Please fill out this application to join All Star Wrestling. After your app. has been submitted, you will receive an email acknowledging acceptance. Once you have received this email, you can start roleplaying. Welcome to ASW.

What is your wrestler's name?

What is the height of your wrestler?

What is the weight of your wrestler?

What is the hometown of your wrestler?

Write out your wrestler's entrance just as you want it to be in results

What is your wrestler's finisher?

Description of Finisher (Don't give the name of a real finisher. Describe the move out)

What are some moves your wrestler might would use? (not finisher)

Wrestler's Appearance

What is your wrestler's theme song?

Are you Face, Heel, or Neutral?
Face Heel Neutral
Have you ever been in the ASW before? (if yes, under what wrestler's name?)

What is your email address?

What is your ICQ Number?

What is your AOL IM Screen Name?

Do we have your permission to put contacts on your member info page?

What is your wrestler's homepage URL?

What is your real name?

When is your Birthday? (so birthday wishes can be put on front page...your wrestler's name will be used)